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Muir Woods & Sausalito Step-On Guide

Have your own vehicle and driver but want a guide to show you Muir Woods & Sausalito? Blue Heron can help.

On this tour, we usually head first to Muir Woods where your group will walk among coast redwoods – the tallest trees in the world. Tour guides are prohibited from leading groups in the park, so I will tell your group about the trees and park during the drive but let the group walk on their own. Most folks spend 60 – 90 minutes in the Woods.  We would then head to the pretty, bayside village of Sausalito where the group can stroll among the shops and galleries and perhaps have lunch.

Muir Woods requires a reservation to visit. Only coach companies with a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) Permit from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area may make a reservation. Coaches longer than 36 feet are prohibited from entering Muir Woods.

Figure on 60 – 75 minutes to drive from San Francisco to Muir Woods with a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge for photos. You'll want to allow around 90 minutes for your visit at the park. The drive to Sausalito then takes 30 minutes. Depending on whether you want the group to have lunch in Sausalito, you likely will need to give them between 45 minutes and 2 hours in Sausalito. Plan on around 45 minutes to return to San Francisco, depending on where your hotel is located.

Our fee for a tour starting and ending in San Francisco is $250 for the first 4 hours and $50 for each additional hour. You'll likely need at least five hours for this tour, which means our fee is going to be at least $300; more if the group lunches in Sausalito before returning to San Francisco.

Muir Woods charges admission for each person over the age of 15. The Golden Gate Bridge charges a toll to return to San Francisco. The toll is automatically billed to the coach company. No cash is needed.

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